Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just Ducky :(

Well, yesterday was our 2 year wedding anniversary and it was a crappy day.
We spent the weekend in Hocking Hills which was nice. We brought the dogs and stayed in a little secluded cabin. We hiked and went canoeing and Tim took lots of pictures of the beautiful sites, including a nest full of 5 baby birds on the patio just outside our door.
I had a follicle scan (transvaginal ultrasound) on Thursday that showed 2 follicles on my left ovary and 1 on my right all between 11 and 13 mm. In order to get my trigger shot and do IUI, I needed to have at least one 20 mm follicle so I was scheduled for a recheck yesterday with high hopes of sufficient growth.
Not so much...
All 3 follicles were the same size or smaller than they were on Thursday and to add insult to injury, the doctor found a calcified nodule on my right ovary that may or may not be something to worry about. Happy anniversary...
So, after all of the crappy side effects, clomid was a bust.
My doctor gave me a few choices for the next round. We could up the dosage of clomid, keep the dosage the same and add metformin, do injectables or try femara again.
Right now, Tim and I have decided to take a break for a month or 2. I need to study for my candidacy exam and more than anything, I just need some time off. We have been trying to get pregnant for 18 months now. With temping and pills and TI and OPKs and 2WWs and month after month of disappointment, we need to focus on us for a little while.
I'll still post, but it will be more about what we are doing and things not TTC related.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Clomid Monster

Well, last cycle was a bust, again. My RE doesn't want me on Femara so I'm doing clomid this cycle and hopefully IUI. One of the reasons that I chose Femara (when I had a choice) was the side effects were reported to be less severe. On Femara, I had a few headaches, hot flashes and night sweats with crazy dreams, but my moods were manageable and once I finished the 5 day course of meds, the s/e eased off.
I am currently on my 3rd day of Clomid and I am already fighting with myself not to injure someone. Things that ordinarily irk me, send me into an angry tailspin and the more I try to pull myself out of it, the angrier I get. I've also had hot flashes that could melt the polar ice cap. I've heard that these s/e won't go away for several weeks after finishing the meds (just in time to start again), but I am hopeful that I will be able to manage them better over time.
Tim is working on a bunker in the basement that he can hide out in until the rage wears off. I'm wondering if it would be safer for everyone if I go live downstairs for the next few weeks. Ugh!