Thursday, August 12, 2010

I should have asked my Spirit Guide

The good news: I'm done with the written portion of my candidacy exam. I don't think I completely bombed it and I will hopefully have a chance to redeem myself at the oral exam in two weeks.

The bad news: I'm pretty sure I didn't ovulate this month. I kept taking my temps because, well, I'm anal retentive and I have to know what's going on with my body.

The really bad news: I called my RE to try and get an appointment for next week to start the next round of treatments, but I couldn't get in for 2 weeks.

The worst news: I am feeling a lot of PMS stuff going on and I strongly suspect AF will be here in the next day or two. Since most of my treatments need to be started by CD3, I may miss my window and have to wait ANOTHER cycle before starting treatment again.

If only I had consulted my spirit guide a little sooner, maybe all of this angst could have been prevented. After all, isn't it better to know when things are shit rather than just guessing and wondering? I think so.

Me: Oh spirit guide, will Aunt Flo be visiting me this weekend and ruining my plans???

Spirit guide: Of course she will! You are going to be traveling and visiting with family and her arrival would be at the most inconvenient time. Why do you even need to ask?

Me: Gee, thanks. I can't wait for what promises to be a most inconvenient period.

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  1. Boo LL about AF showing her nasty face, but I hope it all goes well with the RE!