Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thunderfollies are goooooo!!!

I have another update and it's more good news! My follies are ready for harvesting. At my appointment today, the doc informed me that my estrogen was almost 700 on Saturday and today, I have 6 follicles that are over 18mm (they like to see at least 3 over 18 before the trigger). There are also another half dozen or so that are between 15 and 18 so those might be ready soon too. The plan is to trigger tonight and ER is on Thursday. I'll have an update on Thursday with how many are retrieved and on Friday we will get the fert report.
I am so excited and so scared right now. This is actually going to happen! Eeek!!!

Please let there be some eggs in those follies and let them be mature and fertilize! :crosses fingers:


  1. Everything is crossed for you!!!! I am so excited and hopeful that THIS IS TI!!!!!!!