Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Preparing for Parenthood

So I think the dogs are trying to prepare us for parenthood. I should start by saying that all of the dogs are in our bedroom, but they each have their own kennel 'room' that they are expected to be in at nigh and whenever we aren't home.

Last night at 3 am, Flash started whimpering. Just a quiet little whimper, but it almost seemed like a scared noise so both Tim and I wondered if he was having a bad dream or something. We said soothing stuff to him and he quieted down for a minute, but then he started up again. Tim got up and took him outside and he peed and went back into his room, but then started crying again. So I turned the light on and low and behold, he had thrown up in his room. Tim cleaned it (thank God!) and tried to put Flash back, but he wouldn't lay down. So Tim let Flash into the bed (I was not happy about this, but what can I do?). So after about 5 minutes Flash finally lays down, but I can feel him moving and so I turn a light on and sure enough, he's eating the blanket (and that was why I didn't want him out of his room!). So we put him away and he settles in and goes to sleep.

Meanwhile, Brew is snoring away so we have no worries there, but Cricket is licking incessantly on her feet and bed. We both tried telling her to stop, but she won't. The late night disturbance has upset her and I know it isn't over. About an hour later, I hear the horrible sound of Cricket making herself throw up. She does this occasionally. I don't know what her deal is. She rarely actually produces anything, but she will make that horrible retching noise and it sounds like she just puked up a gallon of something. So of course we get up and Tim lets her come into bed with us (again, I'm not happy). But she did let us sleep for the next couple of hours which was good.

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