Friday, July 2, 2010


After my RE told me that the cycle was a bust and I could start taking prometrium any time to trigger my period, I was beyond bummed. I decided not to start the prometruim right away because we were going to be traveling and going to a fundraiser event and I didn't want to be tired, which is one side effect of the drug. I kept taking my temps and tracking them just to see how things went. Surprisingly, on Friday last week, my temp jumped up. I continued taking my temps through the week and wouldn't ya know, it looks like I ovulated afterall. I went in this morning for a blood progesterone level not only to confirm, but to be sure that my RE knows that I did eventually ovulate.
Without the IUI, our chances are still pretty darn low, but low chances are better than no chance at all so I'll take it! Since my LP is so long, I've got about 7 to 10 more days of waiting before I can find out if we are pregnant. Fingers crossed!

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