Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thirty Three...

Thirty three is the number of my friends on Facebook that have their kids in their profile picture. That's 33 out of 185, roughly 20%, of my friends on facebook identify themselves first and foremost as parents. It's funny, because I am always commenting about how everyone I know is pregnant, but the reality is, many of my friends aren't pregnant, they are parents already. This isn't any sort of great revelation or surprise, of course. I'm 31, most of my friends got married shortly after graduating from veterinary school which was 4 years ago, a baby boom should be expected. It's just one more confirmation that what we are trying to achieve by having a baby, isn't a crazy request. We're not asking for the moon and stars, we just want what so many others are able to have with very little effort.


  1. A lot of my friends are older than me, so I thought I would have it easy as far as people around me getting pregnant. Nope! Now the teenagers I used to go to Honduras with every summer are starting to get married and have babies. Argghhh!!

    I hate it when facebook friends put their kid as their profile pic, but what I hate even worse is Xmas cards with just pics of the kids. Yes, your kids are cute and I want to see them, but I want to see a pic of you too! Please people, put the whole family on your Xmas cards!! :-)

  2. I don't mind the children on FB, but I agree that it's strange when people only have pictures of their children and none of themselves.