Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Ovaries Hate Me

I figured I should post an update since I'm 2 weeks into my cycle. Unfortunately, my ovaries are not responding as well as last cycle. This time last cycle, I had 2 mature follicles and 3 follicles that were close to mature. I triggered on CD13 and did my IUI on CD15. Well, I'm on CD14 this cycle and I don't have any mature follicles. My estrogen has pretty much flat lined and I am feeling completely frustrated. I have an appointment with my RE tomorrow morning to talk about IVF, but I am so scared to even think about taking the next step. I hope that he can lessen my fears a bit so that we can move forward, because I have all but given up hope on this cycle.

I thought I would share a collage that I made to illustrate some of my IF experiences. Pretty much all of the images came from Google searches, so thank you to those who posted pics for me to use. :) One pic was taken by Tim, it's the one in the bottom right corner. Thank you honey!


  1. I'm sorry your ovaries are not cooperating. :( Good Luck at your IVF consult. I hope your Doctor is able to ease some of your fears. Rooting for you!

  2. Hope your IVF consult goes well. I am thinking of you!

    Love the collage. I didn't want to comment on 3T, but it's beautiful. I teared up when I saw it. I want to stick some hope in the middle for you. ((hugs))

  3. I'm so sorry sweetie :( I hope your appt with the RE helps lessen your fears and gives you hope <3