Monday, January 17, 2011

Cycle Update

Warning: long boring update and vent to follow

I had my 4th monitoring appointment today and it sucked. It started with my 4th estrogen blood draw in 2 weeks. I don't know how or why, but I must have the worst veins ever. It took 3 pokes to get my blood. And what I don't get is the phlebotomist always tries to blame me for this. "I don't think you drank enough water..." Seriously?? I am not some dehydrated victim of a plane crash in the Sahara, a slight variation in my hydration status should not effect my circulating blood volume to the point where a blood draw is impossible.
Next I went to the RE's office for an ultrasound. After disrobing and hopping up on the table, a woman who I have only met once before walks in. She is one of the other REs and I really don't like her. Apparently my doc had the day off today. Tim was with me and she was very abrupt with both of us, even looking at him and saying 'hey, get the lights?' very nice. She has no bedside manner and she did a very brief scan of my ovaries. She didn't measure my uterine lining (which my RE always does) and she only looked at each ovary for a moment and declared that my follicles weren't doing much. She removed the probe and said 'go ahead and get dressed, then come out' OK--so there was no question that I wasn't going to get dressed before leaving and in all of my other visits, my RE would tell me what the tentative plan was and then say goodbye before walking out. Her telling me to get dressed and come out coupled with the shitty response of my ovaries made me think that she might want me to speak with her after I was dressed. Tim thought the same thing, so we tentatively left the exam room and looked around for the doc. She was in a little office that we pass on the way to the exit and when I saw her I asked 'do we need to go back to the waiting room or are we done?' She looked at me like I was the biggest moron on the planet and told me to go home that someone would be in touch. Very nice, lady. Really. You have been the cherry on my morning.

I got a call from my regular RE's nurse this afternoon and she told me that my estrogen level has gone up from 63 to 111 and my doc wants to keep me on the same dosage of follistim until my next monitoring appointment on Thursday. Here's hoping that my ovaries get the hint and start the follicle selection process. I would really like to have a dominant follicle when I go in on Thursday.


  1. What a b!itch! I can't believe her lack of compassion. Ugh. But anyway, I hope you get much better news and treatment on Thursday!

  2. I've nominated you for a stylish blogger award. details in my blog, although I'm sure you already got it!