Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Anyone have a crystal ball handy?

I hate trying to time my cycles. It is the most frustrating thing about TTC. I temp and chart and use OPKs all in an attempt to pinpoint ovulation BEFORE it happens. It is so frustrating. Temping doesn't tell you when you are about to ovulate, it only tells you that you did after it happened. More than half of the time, I don't get a positive on the OPKs even when the doctor confirms that I ovulated. We haven't done ultrasounds because Tim is out of town so much it would be even more frustrating to have the doctor tell me that we need to get busy when Tim isn't available.
Even still, we will start doing monitored cycles next month (assuming we don't get pregnant this cycle). I just can't take the guessing game any more.

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