Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Letters to my doctor

So, here is the full version of the letters I sent to my previous doctor. I am still so happy that I was finally heard. It feels unprecedented, which is actually kind of sad.

First, my original e-mail-

Dear Dr. -- and other doctors of --:

I expressed concern at my follicle scan this morning regarding the volume of Novarel which is given as a single intramuscular injection. Ten milliliters seemed like an unusually high and unnecessary volume to give IM. When I expressed my concerns, I was told that this medication is given as two, 5 cc injections. I continued to state that this seemed unnecessary, and was told that if I don’t like the dosage, I should take it up with the drug company.

I wanted to inform you that I have in fact contacted the drug company and was told that it is not necessary to give this medication in a 10 cc volume. As they show in the instructional video on their website, it can be reconstituted in as little as 1 cc. (

Attached is a letter from a nurse at Ferring Pharmaceuticals explaining this as well.
Please, do not continue to give this medication to patients in 10 cc. It causes unnecessary harm.
I will also fax a copy of this letter to your office.

Thank you,

E-mail from Ferring:

Thank you for contacting Ferring Pharmaceuticals Clinical Hotline in regards to Novarel. Please see the following in regards to guidelines for the reconstitution of Novarel.

It is recommended that the amount of diluent used to reconstitute NOVAREL is selected on the basis of the dose to be injected.

--For ovulation induction requiring doses of 5000 IU to 10,000 IU, the volumes of diluent usually used for reconstitution are a 1 to 2 mL
--For cryptorchidism or hypogonadotropic hypogonadism requiring doses of 500 IU to 1000 IU, the volumes of diluent usually used for reconstitution are 10 to 20 mL

Thank you


Then, my final e-mail to the owner of the practice-

Dear Dr. --,
I wanted to tell you that I received your voicemail last night and to let you know how much your call meant to me. As I am sure you know, women going through infertility experience a roller coaster of emotions, but the one feeling that takes hold and will not let go through the entire processes is helplessness.
Feeling like my voice was heard, even if I had to fight harder than I should have, meant more to me than you will ever know. I wish you and the other doctors luck in your practice; however I feel that it is best that I move on to a specialist for my infertility treatments.
I hope you understand.

And last, the reply from the doctor which I just received:

Thank you for your kind reply. One of our beliefs in the physicians need to keep listening and learn from whatever valid source they encounter. Thank you again for being that source. We wish you well with your efforts. You will obviously be a great Mom.

I am now ready to let this go...after I do my happy dance a couple more times.

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  1. That is all so fantastic. I am so glad you stuck to your guns and followed it through. You taught those doctors a very valuable lesson.

    It goes to show you that you have to be an advocate for your own health! At the risk of sounding condescending, I am proud of you!