Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nope, life's not fair.

So, I've been meaning to add this, but haven't had time yet this week so now you get a double blog day.
Tim and I went to brunch an then the zoo on Sunday for a friends birthday. As I'm sure you can imagine, the zoo on a beautiful Sunday was well, a zoo. The day was filled with watching children and their parents interact, something I try and avoid if I can. Seeing how some parents treat their children is a reminder that life isn't fair. People who either don't deserve to have children, or don't appreciate the children they have never cease to amaze me.
I witnessed small children, maybe 2 or 3 years old, getting hit for minor things and called names like "moron" or "idiot" for making mistakes that little ones make all of the time. It made me really sad, and angry at the parents for not appreciating their children.
I am all for consistency and discipline, but when things are said or done in anger or frustration, they are almost always excessive and unnecessary. I guess a lot of it goes back to how I was raised. My parents spanked my brother and I, but I never felt abused, because they took time to calm down before doing it. I never felt like I was hit out of anger or frustration and I don't believe they spanked us until we were old enough to understand what a spanking meant. I was never called mean names, ever. I can't think of any scenario that would make it OK to call your child a name.
I try and imagine that the parents doing these things likely had this done to them as well. It's no excuse for someone to treat their child that way, but it helps me to deal with my own anger at those parents.
I feel so blessed to have had such wonderful parents growing up and I really believe that Tim and I will be good parents too. I hope that we get the chance to find out someday.

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